About Dan

Dan Clurman is certified Feldenkrais® practitioner and has studied somatic disciplines for over 30 years including tai-chi, massage, judo, somatic psychology, the Realization Process, meditation, hypnosis and Chi-Nei-Tsang

He is particularly interested how the Feldenkrais Method can help us age with greater ease and clarity.  He has worked with the elderly since his twenties, helping create a model project at Columbia University that placed students in helping relationships with older people on the city’s upper west side.

After he moved to California in 1980, he became a trainer at SAGE, the pioneering program that introduced older adults to holistic health practices. Dan continues to work with people of all ages through his Feldenkrais practice and classes in Oakland, CA.

Dan’s publications include Conversations With Critical Thinkers, a book of poetry, Floating Upstream, and cartoons, You’ve Got To Draw The Line Somewhere (available at www.dantoons.com),

If you’d like to contact me for any reason, or if you have any questions about Feldenkrais or anything else on this site, feel free to do so by using this form

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